Godless religions and their deceit exposed:       1.  Protestantism           2.  Catholicism               3.  Mormonism


Mary's virginity -
This is a silly issue, and is important only for the fact that she needed to be a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus, proving that God was his father. The Catholic Church obsesses over this and maintain that she was a virgin her entire life, which makes a mockery of their other teachings, and would mean that Joseph should be the greatest saint! The Bible talks repeatedly about his other brothers and sisters.
The Catholic Church teaches that good wives submit to their husbands, but then glorify Mary while saying she never was a good wife. Sex is very important in marriage, and has even been used as an excuse by the Catholic Church to annul marriages. If their marriage was never consumated, it was not a marriage. They were just human beings, with a married life like other couples, and would surely resent being made false gods by the Catholic Church.
This is just one reason why the Catholic Church discourages people from reading the Bible for themselves, and is the one thing that God has demanded, that we search for the TRUTH. That's why people seeking and finding the truth knew they had to leave the Catholic Church, today people know they must leave corrupted Protestant Churches and create their own smaller churches. By cutting the money and power out of the practice of their faith, they keep it Godly. (See links, below).

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