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1.  The Protestant Reformation was a protest against the Catholic Church for un-Christian teachings, written by men who falsely claimied to be speaking for God, and inspired by Satan, to lure people away from Christianity
Now there's a Second Protest Movement, this time against Protestant Churches which have again abandoned Christianity.   

Christians must leave Godless Protestant Churches whose leaders are deceiving people, teaching them to worship the Almighty Dollar, to obey evil government orders, and that God favors the corrupt GOP!

Protestantism is big business, Christianity is a faith.
America is suffering financially because those who call themselves Christians are choosing to follow deceitful Protestant leaders who promote greed and selfishness.
The U.S. was a Godly country, until Protestant leaders joined with Republican leaders to produce a marriage made deep in the pit of hell.
Now Protestant churches are political organizations, and the official Protestant-Republican god is the Almighty Dollar. 
Protestant leaders have taught their followers that God expects blind obedience to their authority, and it's their Christian duty to vote Republican.  Promoting evil in God's name is Satanic. 
All other Protestant churches had a duty to speak out against those churches, but they've remained silent, making them just as guilty. 
All Protestant churches had a responsibility to open all their buildings to house the homeless 24/7, but they've all chosen money over Godliness.  They even expect the taxpayers to finance their so-called charity. 
America's Protestant churches have promoted Satan's agenda, and remain unrepentent to this day.  That's why the entire country is suffering.  Ministers are clever at directing attention away from their evil by telling the people that God is punishing America for the sins of the masses. 

                                 Protestant ministers are repeating the same mistakes made by the Catholic church.
They teach followers to trust them instead of the Bible, so can easily deceive people.
They’re making the same mistake that Satan made, wanting to be worshipped by people, and are not likely to ever change.
Protestants tell people that God wants them to vote Republican, and that Republican leaders are God’s chosen leaders. This started in 1980 when Republicans realized that they needed the Protestant vote to get Reagan elected.   Falsely claiming to speak for God means they're False Prophets, which the Bible condemns as Satanic.
Protestants have had to follow Satan's will, telling themselves that decades of Godless Republican crimes, including war profiteering, the murders of hundreds of thousands of people, lies, extreme greed, etc. committed by these ‘Godly’ leaders since 1981, are all OK with God.  The Bible calls Satan the Father of Lies.
Everyone knows about crimes committed by the CIA and FBI for generations, so nobody but Protestant-Republicans have falsely claimed that this is God’s country. True Christians don’t make that claim because they don’t want God to take the blame for all that Satan has done, which turns people away from Christianity, so those Republican liars, and their followers, will suffer the wrath of God.
Protestant leaders want money and power, so they cater to the largest donors. That encourages those people to be sanctimonious and abusive to others.
Why do followers stay? Ministers are so clever at deceiving people that the confusion keeps them there. People simply think they have to let Protestant leaders think for them because they can’t make sense of it all. For example:
- People are confused by being told they must pay taxes and finance the evil done by the government, without speaking out against it (telling the truth that God is against Republican evil), and yet call it God’s country.
- Protestant leaders teach that there’s nothing wrong with greed, or ignore the issue, but promote the Republican Party to the extent that they’ve almost made greed a sacrament.
- They teach that we’re not really supposed to be our brothers’ keepers, encouraging people to be outraged about any government healthcare.  So, paying for war and death is Godly, but paying for life-saving healthcare is evil(?)
- They don't hear that Satan is the Angel of Death, and the Father of Lies, and the Hymn "Onward, Christian Soldiers" has disappeared.

All these things force good people to leave the churches. Unfortunately, many also leave Christianity, and turn to atheism or cults like Mormonism.  Leaving Godless churches should bring people closer to Christianity.  People go in different direction based on whether they’re searching for Christianity or want to follow their own way.
The Protestant leader-follower relationship is based on hatred, not love.  The leaders have no problem exploiting people, and the followers know that if they are being deceived, they will just blame the leaders on Judgment Day.

                                                              Protestant Ministers and Televangelists Deceive
The Bible foretold that people would be deceived in the end times, and that’s exactly what Protestant ministers and televangelists are doing today.  You can tell if your church is a Christian church by checking what you’re told against the Bible, and knowing right from wrong.
If they don’t use the money to spread the Gospel, finance child abuse by insuring with Guide One, don’t teach children Bible lessons, are primarily a social club, don’t use their buildings to house the homeless, etc. then get out of those churches.
Protestant churches are to blame for the satanic creation of the homeless crisis. When they became political organizations, by joining forces with the Republican Party to get Republicans elected, they promoted greed and the decades of crimes committed in the name of The Almighty Dollar.
Some ministers and televangelists actually tell people that God wants them to vote Republican, others simply condone it by saying nothing. As further proof that they worship a false god and are NOT REPENTANT, churches which do house the homeless, only do so if they’re paid by the government.
Protestant churches are to blame for the failure to spread the Gospel. Many people turn against God because of that fact, when they should be blaming the greed of ministers and followers.
Romans 16: from http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+16&version=KJ21
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them.     
 18For such as they serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple
 19For your obedience has become known abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf; but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil
 20And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

                                                                         What's behind all this Satanic activity?
Satan wants the one-world government,
and 666, but if the most powerful nation on earth is a Christian nation, that can’t happen.
He needs Republicans to control the country, which they probably will after the 2012 elections, because they're constantly filling the government-controlled media with lies.
Satan wants the death of most of the world’s population, a policy which Republicans have been accomplishing for decades, through homelessness, because they die pretty fast, due to a variety of factors.
It’s ironic that Satan is achieving the greatest evil with the assistance of Protestants, who call themselves God’s people.
People who are deceived today, will follow those Godless leaders as they continue to lead people to spiritual destruction.
(more below)

True Christians must leave those churches and help spread the Gospel because those Godless pastors haven't and won't in the future.
They need to have Bible groups with friends, relatives, and neighbors.  You'll be shocked that fearful people truly are looking for the truth.
They need to use their money to help spread the Gospel and care for the needy instead of donating to fraudulent organizations.
They should use the internet to spread the Gospel, while it’s still available to them. They need to hurry though, before everybody is forced to take the mark to use the Internet, or buy and sell anything with a bar code on it.   
Every UPC code has the numbers 666 in it.
RFIC chips have UPC codes in them
, and are being implanted in people, in the right hand or forehead.  Never take that number because once you do, you can never be saved.  It's the mark of Satan, and you will spend eternity in Hell with him if you do.
In Hebrew, letters have an equivalent number, and the value of the letter 'w' is 6, so www = 666.  The internet will be a major method of doing business, and nobody will be allowed to have internet access unless they take that number, or possibly www.   Some are blindly saying that's not true, but it makes perfect sense, especially when the fact is that the Bible gives that exact warning. 
The internet is a powerful tool for making money, for being in touch with others, and for getting the truth which the media hides from us. 

Protestants are committing a trinity of evils, they’re:
1. cowards, living in fear.  They keep themselves spiritually blind so they never see the results of their refusal to fight evil as the Bible teaches.
2. too lazy to think for themselves. They will blindly follow anybody who claims to be a Christian leader, if he will just think for them.
3. people who have kept themselves ignorant.  They want to be children their whole lives, wanting a daddy to take care of them, but God has told them to put away childish things. These are people who still stay in those churches, even though they know better.  Their leaders even hide their own crimes by saying that God is angry at their followers, accusing them of not being faithful enough, not voting for Republicans, not giving enough money to them, on and on.

What has happened in the last three decades is a perfect storm of false religion, corrupt legislators, dirty business executives, and legal criminals all working together. The corruption was always there, but when those who call themselves God's people voted and supported it financially, that was something inspired by Satan. There will be more about this in a video.
When Ronald Reagan took office in January 1981, the entire climate of the country changed. He and his political accomplices, along with Protestant leaders, all worked together to make greed an unofficial sacrament, and Republican voters happily wallowed in their filth. Some tried to expose the evil, but the people were deaf.
If any does not work, neither should he eat.  Republicans, using the Bible to support their evil greed, apply this only to welfare recipients, not the wealthy, professional criminals, the retired, or anybody else.  The fact is that able-bodied retired workers, government employees who don't have real jobs, politicians and others who make things worse, and many other groups, should all be forced to get jobs to help pay for the damage caused by greed.  The incompetence and crimes committed make it impossible for people at the bottom to survive with just one job, or prevent them from getting jobs. 
Republican greed is slowly eliminating the working poor (including the military), the unemployed, the underemployed, the elderly, mentally ill, physically handicapped and all others who don't worship their one true god, the Almighty Dollar.   They're doing it by cutting social programs and refusing to provide housing 24/7 for the homeless.  Planned murder clearly separates Christians from Protestants.
What about the churches that didn't overtly support Republicanism?  Did you ever see any of them speaking out against Republican churches, for the sake of Christianity?  No, some just deviously hinted about voting Republican and were just as guilty, while others supported Republican churches with their silence.

1. Stop financing evil. Get out of those churches, and speak out. Never bury the truth. Work to make up for the damage you've caused.
2. Force those churches to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and pay taxes.   The IRS does go after liberal churches, but not those who actively support Republican candidates and issues. So, the IRS violates its own laws which state: To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization ….. may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.
We need to demand that the IRS stop being a Republican agency, and go after all Protestant leaders who have at any time made any pro-Republican statement, whether it's about candidates or issues. An organization can not be both political and religious, and falsely claim to be non-profit!
3. Demand that all Protestant leaders who have, in any way and at any time, spoken in support of Republicanism, report publicly just how much money they made each year from 1980 to 2008.  They'll fight this because it proves they really worship The Almighty Dollar while people are starving.
4. Demand to know if they're insured with Guide One. You have the right to know what you're in for (below).
Contact your legislators and the IRS today, and demand that they enforce their own laws, forcing Protestant Churches to pay income tax from January 1981 when they began this. The American people need to go after them as vigorously as they went after their followers for money. If you supported what Protestant leaders did to this country, you have an obligation to report them and demand a refund of your money.
If godless churches have to sell off their assets to pay the taxes they owe, then those buildings can be used to house their victims, the homeless, feed those who are starving because of Republican greed, or to help pay for the massive debt Bush caused. Don't worry about Protestant leaders, they'll survive -- they're experts at manipulation and exploitation.
eoclass@irs.gov , write: IRS EO classification, MC 4910 DAL, 1100 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75242, fax: 214 413-5415, or fill out form 13909 online if you have specific names, dates, and other helpful information.
To get more eye-opening emails about Protestant Churches and finances, abortion, welfare, capitol punishment, etc. just forward a copy of your email to the IRS/legislators, or the name you called, to: exprotestant@yahoo.com . (This offer has expired.)

Mary's virginity -
This is a silly issue, and is important only for the fact that she needed to be a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus, proving that God was his father. The Catholic Church obsesses over this and maintain that she was a virgin her entire life, which makes a mockery of their other teachings, and would mean that Joseph should be the greatest saint! The Bible talks repeatedly about his other brothers and sisters.
The Catholic Church teaches that good wives submit to their husbands, but then glorify Mary while saying she never was a good wife. Sex is very important in marriage, and has even been used as an excuse by the Catholic Church to annul marriages. If their marriage was never consumated, it was not a marriage. They were just human beings, with a married life like other couples, and would surely resent being made false gods by the Catholic Church.
This is just one reason why the Catholic Church discourages people from reading the Bible for themselves, and is the one thing that God has demanded, that we search for the TRUTH. That's why people seeking and finding the truth knew they had to leave the Catholic Church, today people know they must leave corrupted Protestant Churches and create their own smaller churches. By cutting the money and power out of the practice of their faith, they keep it Godly. (See links, below).

(more soon)


3.   Mormonism
Mormonism is a cult which calls Christianity
in their own teachings.  They will tell you that it's possible for Mormons to be saved, but not if they're following the church's teachings.
There are millions of unsaved Mormons but you never see Protestant leaders speaking out publicly to save those souls, or do any missionary work for Mormons in the U.S.   They seem to have an unholy alliance:  You don't expose our corruption to the public, and we won't expose your Godless truth.
Instead they use donated money to make themselves richer and more powerful, and build temples to glorify their own egos and advertise their powerful influence. They ARE powerful, otherwise the IRS would not have let them get away with breaking the law all these decades, and they would have had to pay tax on donations. They crossed that line when they began endorsing Republicanism while clamining tax-exempt status as religious organizations only.
The Mormon Church is so successful because they out-do Protestants and Catholics by showing their faith in their daily lives, helping their church members, doing missionary, etc. 
Unfortunately, it's a man-made religion, inspired by Satan.  It appear to be so Godly, yet the Gospel is twisted just enough to be useless.
  Mormons save themselves with their good deeds. That's just one reason why it's anti-Christian, because it rejects the Gospel that Jesus saved us.  He did it all and we deserve no credit.  It's a gift.
They're also successful because Protestants drive people away from church, and God. Their ministers and televangelists have been telling Americans that God demands that they vote Republican, which drove out liberals, every intelligent person, and everybody able to thing for themselves.  As a result, their followers are sanctimonious and arrogant, even in church.
One proof that a religion is from Satan and not God, is that God never lies.  Mormon leaders taught that native Americans were decended from Jews.  DNA results have proven that to be completely impossible, so by ignoring the facts, Mormons are choosing the teachings of men over God.
However, Mormons have an extremely critical role to play in prophecy.  They....

                                                                      Both Protestants and Catholics abuse children
Guide One Insurance committed hundreds of felonies to protect Baptist child abusers in court.  That decision has put children at greater risk of child abuse in all Protestant churches, school, and other organization throughout the U.S.  
Baptists make a big show of being religious, but the fact is that their organizations refuse to be held accountable for their crimes.
They don't deal with the results of crimes committed by people in their organizations, they ignore it all.
If your church, parochial school, summer camp, etc. is insured with Guide One Insurance Co., shame on you for financially supporting
one of the worst insurance companies! 
America's Protestant churches were warned through the Missouri Synod, the Synod, and other organizations, that Guide One used hundreds of crimes to defend child abusers, etc., but many Protestant leaders made it clear that they don't care. That means they don't care about you either because your children are more vulnerable to being victimized, and you can also lose everything you own.

_______________________________________________MARCH 2009                 Protestant churches support child abuse:
Over 40,000 churches, plus parochial schools, summer camps, etc. insure with Guide One Insurance Co., in spite of the fact that they vigorously defend/promote child abuse/neglect.. It's satanic for so-called Christian organizations to be involved in committing crimes against children. If you need to file a claim, you'd better have over a quarter million dollars you can throw in the trash, and you'd better be perfect, because they will attack you every way they can, even if it's not even relevant to the case, just to tear you apart in front of a jury. You can't fight multi-billion dollar insurance company lawyers, and the legal system is horribly corrupt. The only thing you can do is be very careful who insures you, your church, school, summer camp, etc.
Church leaders around the country were warned about what Guide One does to parents and children, but most of them basically said 'we don't care'. They truly don't care -- they have Guide One Ins. -- and you pay for it. These church leaders were told about the child abuse through the Missouri Synod, but deliberately chose to continue to support abuse against children. These are leaders who should never be trusted to lead, clearly don't have a legitimate relationship with God, and are motivated by greed not love.
When a child was nearly murdered at a Baptist summer camp, the parents never received a phone call or an apology, just excuses. These churches are big business, using your money to insulate and protect them from you.
You can bring terribly abusive insurance companies to their knees. You are the money behind all this abuse, so you are the power behind it and are obligated to fight it. To help make major changes, and to get details about this case, go to Insurance Reform at:
Protestant leaders arrogantly continue to support those who abuse children. Do you honestly think these people are speaking for God?  If you are not fighting them, it's on your head!
A speaker may be available to talk about Guide One Ins., and their defense of child abusers, their executives & attorneys.

More Child Abuse - discussions:   http://www.topix.com/forum/religion/christian/TOEFTNTDN33NF4JQR/p7#lastPost
You need to know the truth about how corrupt organized religion is.

                                                     Jesus was a liberal activist

He stopped a legal act of capital punishment, the stoning of a woman.  He said, 'Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone' (John 8:7 -  'So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her'.)

His only recorded act of any kind of violence was when He threw the money changers out of the temple. ('And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers," 
Today, the world is embracing the money-changers, yet Protestant ministers never say a word against it
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs ).

                               What about those who blame Jews for killing Jesus?
That statement is usually meant as an angry accusation, made by non-Christians. 
True Christians would never say that.  They'd be far more likely to thank Jews for crucifying Him.  If He hadn't been crucified, on THAT ONE day, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, we would not be saved today. 
Yes, they demanded that He be crucified, but the Hand of God guided those miraculous events, with perfect timing, and so the Lamb Of God paid the price for our sins.                                                            

                          Is the United States supposed to stand by Israel, in spite of certain events?
The Bible says, "And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." (Genesis 12:3).
That's very clear, but research indicates that the Antichrist will be a Jew.  So, what if crimes and persecution come from Israel?  It doesn't make any difference.  Instead the role of Christians should be to educate the world, and to speak out in defense of Jews because the Antichrist will work to turn the entire world against Israel.  He will also use fake Christian leaders to convince people to obey the government instead of God's word.
It's pretty clear now that the Antichrist will appear to the world to be a Jew, but he will not be a Jew genetically, but converted so that the whole world will blame Israel for his evil.  That describes the Rothchilds who converted to Judaism, but they're not -- the gods they worship are gold and power.  The Rothchilds not only control America's economy (the Federal Reserve), but they control the world's banking systems, and will use that money to control all nations.  They're already becoming a one-world government.  They recently sent trillions of dollars to bail out Europe's banks, and joined with several of the world's banks into one organization, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
Jews and Christians need to get the word out that the Rothchilds are not Jews.  We have to be specific and back up our statements with facts, because it sounds defensive if you just say that Jews are not doing something.    Read The History of the House of Rothschild   http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm which states, "The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars...from...the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea" (Russia).    They "converted to the Jewish faith...that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people."
                                            Different ideas about heaven and hell


Christianity, the belief that Christ's death saved those who accept him as their Savior, has existed from the beginning. First, it existed as God's promise that a Savior would come.
CAIN AND ABLE - One of the first lessons God tried to teach mankind has to do with the coming of a Savior, the Lamb of God.  God found favor with Abel's sacrifice, a lamb, but not Cain's, even though he brought the best of his harvest.   Instead of learning from that, and accepting God's lesson, Cain killed his brother.  Today, most people still refuse to accept the gift of the Lamb of God. 

Marriage is supposed to be a sacrament, but religious leaders, government and law enforcement have traditionally used it to make wives and children the property of the husband, and thus to legalize violence and abuse. They pressure people to get married because married people are easier to control and manipulate, and will be more likely to donate more to their churches, because those men will be more likely to attend churches which order wives to suffer in silence. Ministers consistently sent desperate wives back to unbelievable danger for them and the children.
Protestant leaders have changed God to keep the money coming in. When divorce became popular, they declared that God changed His mind and allows divorce, while God had previously said it was 'until death do is part'. The whole setup is spiritually dangerous for those who get married. Why? (this will be covered later)
Protestants sanctimoniously victimize the children of unmarried couples, calling them 'bastards'. They're too gutless to call the parents names, so they victimize innocent children = evil against children, in God's name, is truly Satanic.
Those sanctimonious wives make themselves whores every time they use sex to manipulate their husbands. Their preachers don't cover these subjects because they're motivated by greed and desire to be popular.
Those of you who contacted the IRS and legislators in April, demanding that religious organizations which promote political candidates and issues, will receive the answer to the question: What is the worst mistake Obama could make, which would cause the destruction of the U.S.?

Those of you who contacted the IRS and their legislators in March should have already received valuable information detailing what to do to survive the next couple of years and beyond, warnings, etc. This was a lot to offer, is information you won't find anywhere else, and will not be repeated. Hundreds of groups received emails in March. To find out if your group was on the list, email:
exprotestant@yahoo.com .
Leaders have a responsiblity to pass this information along to their members. 

666 - Some people are trying to sell information about this, but true Christians make it available at no cost. It's already partially being used - you've seen in movies how they scan people's eyes or hands to gain entry into secured areas. Well, imagine that everyone has to be identified that way, but in one movie, the bad guy removed the eye of the victim to gain entry. To prevent that, a mark will be on the forehead, and the eye and forehead will have to match at the same time.
Also, the numbers 666 

Note: The Protestant Abortion Scam will be available at a later date. This is information which should put an end to the abortion debate, but agencies on both sides of the debate want to keep the debate going for the money they'll get, and the masses seem to be fine with that. This information was offered to the Obama people repeatedly, before the election, to help him win, but they weren't interested either. When the time is right, we'll speak out.
Until then, it's against our religion to give pearls to swine ("Cast not your pearls before swine..." The Bible).

What was the Muslim 'god' doing before Mohammed came along?
Why weren't people told about Mohammed from be dawn of time? This is one of the clues that a religion is man-made, filling a human need or, in this case, a businessman seeking to create a god for personal gain. If a god has not included all people from the beginning, then it's a fraud. ?Why weren't people told about Mohammed from be dawn of time? This is one of the clues that a religion is man-made, filling a human need or, in this case, a businessman seeking to create a god for personal gain. If a god has not included all people from the beginning, then it's a fraud. 

Valuable information was sent to all kinds of groups all over the U.S. during March. Did your leader tell you about this so you could decide for yourself how valuable it is and send emails, or not? If you want to know if we wrote your group, just send the name & web address & we'll tell you.
Protestant leaders have become corrupted by money and power. They want total control of this country and your group/church/organization probably suffers because of it. If you want to know if we informed your religious affiliation, email:

................................................................ APRIL 2009
Protestant churches are not religious organizations, they are BIG business. They're bankers, stock brokers, investment advisors, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc.
They're supposed to be using that money to spread the gospel, but every extravagant church is proof that the gods they worship are their own egos, money,
They are what Christ threw out of the temple two thousand years ago, now they own the temple.
, but every extravagant church is proof that the gods they worship are their own egos, money, , now they own the temple. Worst of all, they claim to speak for God, telling America's Protestants that God wants them to vote for Republicans greed, Republican attacks on the poor, Republican policy of making the rich richer and the poor poorer, destroying families, killing people years before their time, and spreading violence and hate., telling America's Protestants that God wants them to vote for Republicans greed, Republican attacks on the poor, Republican policy of making the rich richer and the poor poorer, destroying families, killing people years before their time, and spreading violence and hate.

The best national health care plan.
Make it happen.
email protestant protest: exprotestant@yahoo.com  
Later: Abortion,
Women's Lib,


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